2013 Fall TV Preview: Tuesday

So, Sunday has one show I want to make sure I'm home to watch, and Monday has none. We're not off to an auspicious start, Fall 2013. Will Tuesdays be any better? Let's find out! ABC is putting the most on the line for Tuesdays; they went on a canceling spree last year, so now they're the sole network whose primetime lineup is composed entirely of new shows. You won't see CBS or NBC once on this entry - apparently Tuesday is where CBS dumps all their returning procedurals that I have zero interest in, and where NBC dumps its reality shows that I have less than zero interest in. As always, all times given are Central.


Dads (September 17, FOX, 7PM): Congratulations are in order! Of all the new shows this season, Dads is far and away the most reviled. Even articles that try to strike an objective tone in their reports of new programs can't avoid mentioning that nobody likes this new sitcom. Most of what I read is that it tries to be envelope-pushingly edgy, and just comes off as lazy and offensive instead. Oh, and also that it's entirely laugh-free. I'm not even bothering to describe its premise. Sometimes, I'll intentionally tune into a trainwreck show, simply to see how awful it is. I doubt I'll bother with this one - my curiosity ends at wondering how long it'll take to get canceled. Someone, please airlift Martin Mull off of this clearly-sinking ship.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (September 17, FOX, 7:30PM): I was mildly interested in this new workplace comedy about cops, but usually can only take Andy Samberg in short, controlled doses. But once I read that it also involves Andre Braugher, Chelsea Peretti, and Joe Lo Truglio (and comes from the producers of Parks & Recreation), I jumped in with both feet. I caught up with the pilot yesterday, and really enjoyed it. Judging by my Facebook wall, I'm not the only person who was pleasantly surprised. If the show continues to be as funny as the first episode was, I'm in for the whole season.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (September 24, ABC, 7PM): Both of the shows above conflict with this one, which I've already mentioned is something I've been looking forward to. I certainly don't give a crap about Dads, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems like it'll be fine as a watch-the-next-day-on-Hulu kind of show, so I'm not too worried about it. Though Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes into this season with the most promise, it carries the most potential for disappointment as well. Man, I hope it's good.

The Goldbergs (September 24, ABC, 8PM): An autobiographical sitcom about growing up in a loud family in the 1980s. Though I like Wendi McLendon-Covey, I haven't seen or read anything about this show that really grabs my interest. It doesn't really seem the type to inspire a lot of watercooler talk, either, so if it turns out to be good, this will likely be one of those shows I catch up with later.

Trophy Wife (September 24, ABC, 8:30PM): I've been hearing positive chatter about this sitcom, which is unsurprising, given that its co-creator is Sarah Haskins, who made those awesome Target Women web shorts. In Trophy Wife, Malin Akerman is a party girl who marries a much older man (Bradley Whitford), and has to deal with his exes in addition to minefield that is the age gap. This is shaping up to be one of those shows that I give two or three episodes to hook me, and then re-evaluate.

Lucky 7 (September 24, ABC, 9PM): Dramas are trickier than comedies to nail these days. I do like the premise of this show, in which the employees of a gas station win the lottery and discover that - gasp - wads of money come with complications. Done right, this could be an engaging exploration of newfound wealth. Or it could crawl up its own ass and be insufferable. I guess we'll have to see.

The Originals (October 3, CW, 8PM): I've never watched The Vampire Diaries, and won't be watching its spinoff.

Ravenswood (October 22, ABC Family, 8PM): I've never watched Pretty Little Liars, and won't be watching its spinoff.


New Girl (September 17, FOX, 8PM): The first season was pleasant enough, but as with How I Met Your Mother, I'm a full season behind, so if I ever do watch Season 3, it won't be for a while yet.


This section is to quickly mention the returning shows that I've never seen, but that are on my radar to catch up with someday, if I ever get the opportunity:

The Mindy Project: Season 2, September 17, FOX, 8:30PM


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