2013 Fall TV Preview: Wednesday

Let's take a score break, since we're halfway through the TV week (Friday and Saturday essentially being a No Man's Land). If the shows that I'm curious about or that have demonstrated some early promise all work out (which they never do, but bear with me), here's my week of watch-as-it-airs TV so far:

Sunday: Bob's Burgers (7:30PM).
Monday: Nothing firm, but Mom (8:30PM) or Hostages (9PM) are possibilities.
Tuesday: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (7PM), and perhaps Trophy Wife (8:30PM).
Wednesday: Catch up with Tuesday's episode of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine online. "But won't that conflict with all the Wednesday night TV?" you ask. Well... Look down.


Back in the Game (September 25, ABC, 7:30PM): James Caan is the patriarch of a three-generation family of baseball/softball/Little League players. I have no issue with him or Maggie Lawson, who plays his daughter, but by the same token, there's not really anything for me to hang my hat on, here. If I trip over a wellspring of free time, I'll watch the pilot.

Super Fun Night (October 2, ABC, 8:30PM): Rebel Wilson has been on a real tear lately, and I admit I'm pretty curious about her new show, in which she plays a recently-promoted dork inspired to hit the town with her nerdy friends. Catching this live may be a challenge (see RETURNING SHOWS below), but it may fit the bill as a show that I stream later in the week.

Ironside (October 2, NBC, 9PM): I've never seen any episodes of the original show, so this is brand new to me. Blair Underwood plays a wheelchair-bound detective, and for some reason, the producers are trying to distance themselves from the word "procedural", even if there's a case-of-the-week. I won't be watching this as it airs, and procedurals (sorry..."crime dramas") make notoriously bad catch-up shows, so it's unlikely I'll be signing up for this one unless it gets fantastic reviews and watercooler chatter.

The Tomorrow People (October 9, CW, 8PM): Robbie Amell is a high school student who discovers he has supernatural abilities, and worries that shady scientists are hunting him down. It sounds like a typical CW show, and that means I am firmly outside of the target audience.


Top Chef (October 2, Bravo, 9PM): Did you know I used to recap this show? I did! I skipped Season 10 (though I did manage to eat at one of the finalist's restaurants), but am on board for Season 11, which is taking place in New Orleans. I admit that half the fun will be heading over to a friend's house to watch this in a group setting. Top Chef is best enjoyed with plenty of snacks, wine, and snarky comments yelled at the screen.

American Horror Story (October 9, FX, 9PM): I've never watched this show before, but the upcoming Season 3 looks insane (in all the best ways). What, I'm supposed to resist Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Gabourey Sidibe, and Patti LuPone as warring witches? Fat chance. My cable package has been reduced to the point that I wouldn't usually watch an FX show, but here's where my friend Kyle's iTunes season pass will come in handy.


This section is to quickly mention the returning shows that I've never seen, but that are on my radar to catch up with someday, if I ever get the opportunity:

Nashville: Season 2, September 25, ABC, 9PM


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