Guilty Pleasure: Earth Girls Are Easy

What the bloody hell inspired Earth Girls Are Easy? When someone sat down to write the screenplay, how many shrooms were ingested first? This is one of the goofiest fucking movies I've ever seen. Even the cast list causes a fair amount of head-scratching: Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey, Julie Brown, Charles Rocket, and Michael McKean. And how are these people combined? Well, Geena Davis is engaged to Charles Rocket, who cheats on her left and right. And she works at a beauty parlor (Curl Up & Dye) with Julie Brown. And her pool boy is an aging stoner (McKean). And then furry aliens Goldblum, Wayans, and Carrey land in her pool, get shaved, and become the hottie toasts of Los Angeles. And Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum fall in love and she goes to space with him.

And have I mentioned that it's a musical, complete with song and dance breaks? It's completely nuts. And yet, somehow, it all totally works. Sure, it's a stupid movie. But it's stupid and monstrously entertaining. I...may have even bought the soundtrack (sadly, it's long since been lost in the shuffle of moving). Would I recommend it to anyone interested in the Majesty of Cinema? Hell, no. But it's certainly a movie that worms its way into your heart and lays eggs there. And I dare you to watch and not get "Cause I'm a Blonde" stuck in your head for a week.


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