Next Time Won't You Watch With Me?

Most of the pop culture I consume is planned. That is to say, I intentionally seek out a movie (show/game/song/book) that I think looks interesting. But once in a while, it's more fun to just wander into the wide world of entertainment and see what you encounter. In an effort to get out there and discover what other possible gems are lurking in the shadows, I'm launching the ABC Project.

For each letter of the alphabet, I'll choose a fairly random pop culture property and see how it strikes me. Twenty-six is a manageable number, and in order to widen the scope, I'll attempt to spread the genres around. Fiction, non-fiction, documentaries, cartoons, comedies, dramas... It's all up for grabs.

Plus, it'll be a good opportunity to re-immerse ourselves in Sesame Street odes to the letters. This damned fairy alphabet song has been stuck in my head for 30 years.


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