2012 Fall TV Preview: Tuesday

Mondays in the upcoming season look pretty weak, but as barren as Mondays are, that's how stuffed Tuesdays look to be. I can tell that online streaming is going to become increasingly important to me. So... Make your programs available, networks. None of this "You can watch new episodes a month after they air!" bullshit. Get them up on Hulu (or stream them on your own websites) the day after they air, and I'd be perfectly willing to sit through some ads for them. Anyway, Tuesdays.

The Mindy Project - Season 1 (Fox - 8:30-9PM - premieres September 25):

The pilot was fairly decent, if not spectacular. It's certainly got room to grow, but the source material is good. I'll probably give it a shot, and see how it develops.

Hart of Dixie - Season 2 (CW - 7-8PM - premieres October 2):

This isn't a show I'd ever take much of an interest in. I'm just tossing it in here for completion's sake.

NCIS - Season 10 (CBS - 7-8PM - premieres September 25):

If I were to watch a crime procedural, it wouldn't be this one. This is one of those shows that apparently has a huge audience, despite me not knowing or interacting with a single person who watches it.

Raising Hope - Season 3 (Fox - 7-7:30PM - Premieres October 2):

I've let myself get behind on this, and I feel bad about that. This is a charming show, and I like it a lot. Unlike a lot of other shows, I may even be willing to check in with the third season without having seen a lot of the second.

Ben and Kate - Season 1 (Fox - 7:30-8PM - premieres September 25):

The pilot wasn't half bad. As with The Mindy Project, it may be worth seeing where this show goes over the next few episodes before I make a long-term decision. What else is there to say? Oh, I know! Is it me, or does Nat Faxon have the biggest face in creation?

Go On - Season 1 (NBC - 8-8:30PM - premiered September 11):

I've already seen two episodes of this show: I watched the pilot in my mad watching dash, and caught the second one after it aired. The pilot was better than the second episode, which is weird. It's still got some problems and still got some promising things going for it, so I'll stick with it for now.

Happy Endings - Season 3 (ABC - 8-8:30PM - premieres October 23):

I really liked the first season, but haven't seen the second. This may have to be one of those shows that I just catch up with after it's available on DVD or streaming.

NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 4 (CBS - 8-9PM - premieres September 25):

Wait, what? They're going to air two solid hours of this franchise on the same night? Bleh.

New Girl - Season 2 (Fox - 8-8:30PM - premieres 7PM September 25):

I keep hearing good things about this show, and yet haven't ever found the time to tune in. I'm sure I'll catch up with it someday, but probably won't make an effort to watch the episodes as they air.

The New Normal - Season 1 (NBC - 9-9:30PM - premiered September 10):

Thank goodness I was able to see an advance screening of the pilot, so I won't have to waste another moment on this piece of shit. Based on the fact that Ryan Murphy projects seem to be pretty popular right now (and the inexplicable praise I saw on my Facebook wall), I can't even depend on this sinking into obscurity the way the equally vile Work It did last year. At least it should be easily avoidable for now.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 - Season 2 (ABC - 8:30-9PM - premieres October 23):

Much like New Girl, I've been hearing good things about this show, but feel like I need to catch up with the old episodes before I attempt to watch the new ones. This is the textbook definition of a "catch-up show".

Parenthood - Season 4 (NBC - 9-10PM - premiered September 11):

And this is the textbook definition of a "series show" - a program that I'll probably wait to end before I go back and watch the whole thing at a stretch.

Private Practice - Season 6 (ABC - 9-10PM - premieres September 25):

Nope. I have no interest in this show at all.

Sons of Anarchy - Season 5 (FX - 9-10PM - premiered September 11):

Also nope. Unlike Private Practice, though, I actually know people who watch and enjoy this show. It's just not for me.

Emily Owens, M.D. - Season 1 (CW - 8-9PM, premieres October 16):

The only interesting thing I've heard about this is that it stars Meryl Streep's daughter. I also think the entertainment calendar is already suffering from a glut of medical dramas, so it's unlikely I'll make room for this one.

Vegas - Season 1 (CBS - 9-10PM - premieres September 25):

Dennis Quaid plays the sheriff of '60s-era Las Vegas as it starts its economic boom and its invasion by organized crime. It also stars Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss, so everyone involved has done some pretty great things. I'll admit, my curiosity is piqued.


Hmm. Well, in a world where I do nothing but sit at home all night watching TV, this is actually workable. It's possible to watch Raising Hope, Ben and Kate, Go On, The Mindy Project, and Vegas all in a row, without missing any shows I mentioned wanting to watch as they air. Of course, this won't be a practical way to spend every Tuesday, so I'll have to make some tough choices.


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