2012 Fall TV Preview: Friday

Generally, Fridays are a TV dead zone. I can't think of a single show in recent history that aired on a Friday that I was actually interested in watching live. Until now!

Fringe - Season 5 (Fox - 8-9PM - premieres September 28):

I haven't ever watched this show, but it's attained a loyal cult following. I'm not generally into most sci-fi/supernatural shows, but from what I've heard, this one has promise. Since this will be the final season, I'll wait until the entire series wraps, then give it a whirl on DVD.

CSI: NY - Season 9 (CBS - 7-8PM - premieres September 28):

Yet another crime procedural. I understand why they're popular, I just don't see why there's a need to have so many on the schedule. I'll be skipping this one, just like all the others.

Last Man Standing - Season 2 (ABC - 7-7:30PM - premieres November 2):

I honestly thought this had been canceled along with the other execrable poor-downtrodden-white-man shows last year. Suffice it to say that I have zero interest in watching it, hearing about it, or reading about it.

Shark Tank - Season 4 (ABC - 7-8PM - premiered September 14):

Unlike Last Man Standing, this is one of those shows that sounds pretty good, but just doesn't appeal to me personally. I watch a few reality shows, but if I see too many, I get misanthropic and cranky. This one just never made the cut, and it airing on Fridays doesn't help. If you do watch, though, you should know that it's moving to 8PM in November.

Touch - Season 2 (Fox - 7-8PM - premieres October 26):

I didn't like what I saw of the first season, and never went back. It's very possible that this show got its act together, but I still don't have much interest in catching up with it.

Whitney - Season 2 (NBC - 7-7:30PM - premieres October 19):

Hahahaha! No.

Community - Season 4 (NBC - 7:30-8PM - premieres October 19):

Yaaaaaaay! I love this show. This will be an interesting season, not only because NBC has banished it to Friday, but because this will be the first (and likely only) season without the fired showrunner Dan Harmon. Will it be as good without him? Does it have a prayer in hell of existing beyond these thirteen episodes? Let's find out!

Malibu Country - Season 1 (ABC - 7:30-8PM - premieres November 2):

Me reading the blurb about this show in Entertainment Weekly is the first and only mention I've seen of it so far. I can't imagine what ABC is thinking, putting what essentially sounds like a low-rent version of Nashville on...two days after Nashville. I suppose this is for all those fans that need their Reba McEntire fix.

Made in Jersey - Season 1 (CBS - 8-9PM - premieres September 28):

Ugh. Aren't we past the whole Jersey fad yet? Not only that, but it's a legal procedural in which the main character uses her Jersey roots to solve problems at her New York law firm. This sounds brutally awful. I'm almost tempted to tune in to see how awful, but I'm hopeful that this glimmer of curiosity is temporary.

Nikita - Season 3 (CW - 8-9PM - premieres October 19):

I'm not a regular viewer of this show, but the few episodes I saw were very good. I feel like I should go back and watch the series at a stretch sometime, but I doubt I'll make a point of carving out Friday evening time to watch it.

Blue Bloods - Season 3 (CBS - 9-10PM - premieres September 28):

The only people I know who watch this are over 60.


Community? Community. Community!


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