2012 Fall TV Preview: Wednesday

On first glance at the Entertainment Weekly TV preview issue, Wednesdays seemed as stuffed as Tuesdays are. Then I did a more careful reading of the shows, and yeah... No worries about free time now.

Nashville - Season 1 (ABC - 9-10PM - premieres October 10):

However, this is one of the two shows that appears to have some promise. Connie Britton plays a fading country music icon who is talked into opening for a young starlet (Hayden Panettiere), and drama ensues. I don't even like country music, but that plotline has the potential to be deliciously evil. If nothing else, it'll definitely be worth checking out the first couple of episodes to see how it looks.

Arrow - Season 1 (CW - 7-8PM - premieres October 10):

I like superhero stories, so I should be interested in this. But TV has such a terrible track record when it comes to producing decent superhero dramas. Alphas is the only one that seriously delves into the personalities of people blessed/cursed with special abilities, and let's face it. A show on the CW is not going to take the time to do that. So even though the lead actor is dreamy, I think I'm going to take a pass on this one. If it turns out to be fantastic, I can always circle around and shotgun it later.

The Middle - Season 4 (ABC - 7-7:30PM - premieres September 26):

I've heard some positive things about this show, but it's just never been one that I've watched, and I'm not interested enough to rent it. I'm afraid it's just going to be one of those programs that slips through the cracks for me.

Survivor: Philippines - Season 25 (CBS - 7-8PM - premieres September 19):

It's interesting that Blair from The Facts of Life is a contestant, but I've never been a fan of this show. I don't like the camping/survival aspects, I find Jeff Probst smarmy and condescending, and people who tend to excel at the game also tend to be shitty people. It's a wholly unappealing show, and I'll continue to ignore it.

Animal Practice - Season 1 (NBC - 7-7:30PM - premieres September 26):

Of the five pilots that I watched, I enjoyed this one the most. That's not to say this will be an automatic home run with me - it may easily stray into the too-zany territory, and Bobby Lee is a very grating actor. Still, I liked the first episode enough to stick with it for a while.

Guys With Kids - Season 1 (NBC - 7:30-8PM - premiered 9PM September 12):

I didn't watch the first episode, but I did see a preview that was actively repellent. I'll be surprised if this makes it a full season.

The Neighbors - Season 1 (ABC - 7:30-8PM - premieres 9:30PM September 26):

Not to be outdone by NBC, ABC is also debuting a comedy that looks completely terrible. Think Third Rock from the Sun but without any charm.

The X Factor - Season 2 (Fox - 7-9PM - premiered September 12):

As I said when I mentioned The Voice, I just don't watch singing competition shows, and this one looks just as annoying as American Idol. Just let me know if I need to look up anything particularly noteworthy on YouTube.

Criminal Minds - Season 8 (CBS - 8-9PM - premieres September 26):

Serviceable crime procedural.

Law & Order: SVU - Season 14 (NBC - 8-9PM - premieres September 26):

I used to watch Original Recipe Law & Order, but never really got into this one.

Modern Family - Season 4 (ABC - 8-8:30PM - premieres September 26):

I'm given to understand that this show has gone downhill lately, but as I'm still stuck back in Season 2, I wouldn't know. This is a catch-up show; I'll see the episodes at some point, but don't need to keep up with it for water-cooler purposes or anything.

Supernatural - Season 8 (CW - 8-9PM - premieres October 3):

Well, I'm not into most SciFi/Fantasy, and I'm not an overly hormonal girl, so no, this isn't one of my shows.

Suburgatory - Season 2 (ABC - 8:30-9PM - premieres October 17):

I haven't seen this show, and haven't decided if I'm going to loop around to catch up with it at any point. This may be the show that leaves the least amount of impression on me (neither good nor bad), so we'll call it a maybe for now.

Chicago Fire - Season 1 (NBC - 9-10PM - premieres October 10):

Normally I'd just lump this on the cop/lawyer/doctor pile, but I feel like I can't dismiss this one outright. I never saw Third Watch, but this Dick Wolf show is described as being character-based and no-frills. I doubt that I'll watch every week, but I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

CSI - Season 13 (CBS - 9-10PM - premieres September 26):

Used to watch it. Don't now. The end.


So this one's easy. Animal Practice at 7PM, take a break, then Nashville at 9PM. Normally, a season of Top Chef would have to wedge itself in there somewhere, but I haven't seen any mention of it on anyone's schedule.


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