Song of the Summer 2013 Contender: "Dance Apocalyptic"

Pharrell Williams isn't the only artist with two songs on the short list of jams battling for supremacy this summer. Janelle Monáe has been burning up the charts lately, and in addition to "Q.U.E.E.N.", there's another bouncy summer single of hers that constantly finds itself on repeat in my apartment: "Dance Apocalyptic".

I'm the furthest thing from a prude that you'll find, but I have to admit that it's pleasant to hear a modern pop song that's joyful in a way other than "Let's bang as soon as possible". Imagine yourself dancing to this song. It shouldn't be difficult - it's so jaunty! When I dance around to this song, it's not sultry or suggestive, but a dance that's more of a frenetic burst of sunshine. I can easily envision twirling a partner around at the end of my arm as this plays in the background.

It's not a perfect song; I find myself actively annoyed by the tinny speech at the end. Still, it's an enormously fun tune that not only manages to distinguish itself as a song of the summer, but manages to distinguish itself amongst the songs of summer. "Dance Apocalyptic" is truly in a category by itself, and although something like "Blurred Lines" may represent this year's season better, I have a feeling that five years from now, I'll rather listen to this one.

Song of the Summer Odds: 5:2


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