Song of the Summer 2013: The Also-Rans

The season is winding down, so it's almost time to choose my "official" Song of the Summer. In the meantime, I should give a nod to the songs that didn't make the cut. These were all brought to my attention by other people (the TBTL podcast and my friend Joe, whose musical tastes are infinitely wider and more sophisticated than mine). It's entirely possible I'm missing a worthy tune. Feel free to let me know if so.

The one that came closet to being in contention is Rilo Kiley's "I Remember You". I really like the song, but it doesn't quite fit in with my idea of what a summer jam is. It's more of a year-round listen:

Like "I Remember You", there were plenty of other songs that were entertaining for any number of reasons, but just couldn't capture the feel of a tune that would represent summer to me. Still, I'd definitely recommend them:

"Lightning Bolt" (Jake Bugg)
"Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons)
"Inner Ninja" (Classified - feat. David Myles)
"Out Of My League" (Fitz and the Tantrums)
"Doin' It Right" (Daft Punk) [A catchy tune - just not as catchy as "Get Lucky".]
"Entertainment" (Phoenix)
"Crazy Kids" (Ke$ha) [I've taken any amount of crap for liking a Ke$ha song, and while I wouldn't put it up for any poetry awards, it's got a good beat to it.]
"Imagine It Was Us" (Jessie Ware)
"Recover" (Chvrches)
"Bad Girls" (Solange)

There were some songs that were either not my style or that were perfectly fine, but not anything that I'd ever actively seek out:

"Can't Hold Us" (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - feat. Ray Dalton)
"We the Common (For Valerie Bolden)" (Thao & The Get Down Stay Down)
"Stare at the Sun" (Eleanor Friedberger)
"You (Ha Ha Ha)" (Charli XCX)
"Diane Young" (Vampire Weekend)
"Together" (She & Him)
"Wildest Moment" (Jessie Ware)
"Baby Get Worse" (Divine Fits)
"Grown Woman" (Beyonce)
"#Beautiful" (Miguel and Mariah Carey)
"Unbelievers" (Vampire Weekend)
"People Like Us" (Kelly Clarkson)

And then there's the annoyingly popular song that I loathe:

"I Love It" (Icona Pop)

Ugh, this piece of shit. The self-satisfaction. The faux-rebellion. The most obnoxious combination of whining and smugness that could possibly be set to music. And so of course it's inescapable. If only that car crash into the bridge had gotten the job done. Oh, that's not nice of me. I guess we geezers from the '70s have little patience for stupid '90s bitches.


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