Song of the Summer 2013 Contender: "Closer"

Listen, I know the odds-to-win I give at the bottom of these entries is a cheat. Probability doesn't much enter the equation when I'm choosing something based purely on taste. I just thought it'd be a fun way to compare how these songs are battling for dominance in my brain. I get the feeling that Too Beautiful To Live won't pick the same song as their top choice as I will, but that's why I get a little corner of the internet to myself. And speaking of top choice (at least so far), check out the "odds" for "Closer", performed by Tegan and Sara.

I just can't get enough of this song. Unless a usurper swoops in at the last minute, it's quite likely to snag not only favorite song of the summer, but of the year. To my mind, it nicely straddles the line between the catchiness and danceability of a pop song, and the thoughtfulness and deliberation of an indie track. "Somebody That I Used To Know" did the same thing for me last year, and it easily crushed the competition.

At first blush, "Closer" shares a lot of musical DNA with other songs about just wanting to bang someone. But there's actually a lot of underlying sentiment about the chemical spark that passes between people before they wind up rolling around in bed together, and it winds up being pretty sex-positive without being overly raunchy.

Like I said, it's entirely possible that a dark horse will leap into the contest and give this song a run for its money. But until that happens, "Closer" is ruling the roost.

Song of the Summer Odds: 1:1


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