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What I'm Playing: Portal 2

"Wait a minute, didn't he already play that?" I did, and it's one of the very few things to get an A+ since I started this blog a year ago. I had borrowed the XBox version, and played through the single-player campaign, loving it from beginning to end. But then, sadly, I had to give the game back to its owner.

These days, my computer is actually capable of handling a game or two, and I snagged the sale version of Portal 2 to play on the PC. I dove right back into the story again, because I'd thoroughly forgotten the solutions to the puzzles, so it's much like playing it for the first time. But now, there's an added layer!

I don't bother much with multiplayer on the XBox. Most of the games I would do that for would necessitate interacting on a set schedule with strangers, many of whom I don't feel like hanging out with. In this case, fortuitously, one of my good friends also bought Portal 2 through Steam, and suggested playing the cooperative campaign. Suddenly, I've got access to a whole new game.

In this version, there's no getting through the test chambers unless you work together. Maybe you have to launch your robotic partner through a series of portals you've both set up. Or maybe you have to figure out a way to pass a weighted cube from room to room. In one memorable test, there's no way to advance unless you crash into each other in mid-air. GLaDOS is still present, of course, mocking both of you as you attempt to solve her devious puzzles. Given the number of times I've already burst out into giggle fits, it's obvious the writers didn't ignore this section of the game, and though there are many test chambers to go, it's clear that Portal 2 isn't losing any of its lustre. Now, let's do some science!


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