Wreck It, Ralph Fiennes

I've really been the subject of an embarrassment of riches on the friend front this week. In the entertainment sphere of life, that took the form of an awesome Saturday double-feature.

First up was Wreck-It Ralph, a movie I've been eagerly anticipating. Sometimes I build my hopes up too high in these situations, and the movie winds up disappointing me. But in this case, Wreck-It Ralph easily met my expectations, and I have no doubt it'll be in my top five of the year.

This film was heartfelt and funny and beautifully animated and had terrific voice acting and was loaded with video game in-jokes. How could I not love it? The entire audience, both adult and child, was captivated throughout the entire running time.

From there, it was a quick jaunt over to one of those fancy theaters with recliners and in-theater waitstaff for Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie. It was a real breath of fresh air after the crushing boredom of Quantum of Solace, and offered some entertaining takes on the origin of various Bond conventions.

That said, it didn't live up to the almost universally glowing reviews I'd read of it. Besides having some of the usual action movie physics problems, the character progressions were a bit off for both Bond and his nemesis. It's an extremely gorgeous movie, though, and a lot more psychologically deep than many others in the franchise. Ralph Fiennes enters the fray quite seamlessly, and Judi Dench is always an acting powerhouse. It's not the be-all-end-all of cinema, the way some people have said, but it's certainly one of the best of the Bond movies. So who cares that none of my laundry got done? Seeing two great movies is what I really call a successful Saturday.

Wreck-It Ralph: A
Skyfall: B


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