Fall Movie Preview: November 2012

Woo! We're deep into autumn now! Shall we see what will be available at the local picture show next month?

November 2:

Cafe de Flore: In the present day, a DJ is torn between his girlfriend and his ex-wife. In 1960s Paris, a protective mother watches over her child with Down syndrome (who is developing feelings for a friend who also has Down syndrome). The movie builds to the revelation of how the stories are linked. I just accidentally spoiled myself on what that is. Thankfully so, because it is twee and annoying. (Pass)

The Details: Elizabeth Banks and Tobey Maguire obsess over the raccoons that are ruining their lawn. Bleh. (Pass)

Flight: A pilot (Denzel Washington) lands a failing plane and becomes a media hero, until his alcoholism comes to light. John Goodman, Don Cheadle, and Melissa Leo fill out the supporting cast. This is one of those movies that could veer off in a bunch of directions, from gripping to tedious. (TBD)

Jack & Diane: Two teenaged girls meet and hook up. A relationship begins to develop, until one reveals that she's moving, and things unravel. I have zero interest in this one. (Pass)

The Man With the Iron Fists: "Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA raised $20 million for his directorial debut..." Thanks, you can stop there. (Pass)

This Must Be the Place: Sean Penn plays a middle-aged, retired rock star who decides to seek out the Nazi war criminal who tormented his late father. If Frances McDormand weren't in this movie, I wouldn't give it a second glance. Now I've glanced again, and I still doubt I'll want to see it. (Pass)

Vamps: Amy Heckerling and Alicia Silverstone reunited! The plot summary, which involves vampires desperate to stay young and sort of alive, looks pretty interesting. This is one of those movies I'd like to see critical and audience response to before I decide on it. (TBD)

Wreck-It Ralph: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! A nostalgic comedy with in-jokes about some of the cherished video games that filled my childhood? I am so there. I'm almost ashamed by how interested I am in what is ostensibly a movie for kids. (Must-See)

November 9:

Chasing Ice: A documentary about melting glaciers. I've mentioned how picky I am when it comes to documentaries, and this one doesn't pass the sniff test of overly-depressing and preaching-to-the-choir message movies. (Pass)

Lincoln: No movie in any month has this one beat for Oscar buzz. Spielberg is directing, and Daniel Day-Lewis is nothing if not a meticulous actor. This will definitely be one of those required-viewing movies if I'm to have any hope of navigating awards season. (Must-See)

LUV: Common is an ex-drug dealer trying to forge a new life. Nope. (Pass)

Nature Calls: Patton Oswalt takes a bunch of TV-obsessed scouts on a hiking trip. If it looks at all promising, I'll toss it on the Netflix queue. Otherwise, it should be easily avoidable. (Pass)

A Royal Affair: A historical drama that focuses on the budding romance between Denmark's queen and the royal physician. I like a lot of period pieces, but this one looks kind of dull. (Pass)

Skyfall: From what I've seen so far, this newest James Bond movie appears to avoid all the pitfalls of what made the last one so interminably boring. I'm looking forward to it. (Must-See)

November 16:

Anna Karenina: All of the advance press I've read about this adaptation is that it puts a new, creative spin on the traditional story. That makes me concerned that I should read the book before I can really appreciate this movie, but I'm tempted to take my chances. It looks interesting. (Rental)

Rust and Bone: Also known as "That movie where Marion Cotillard gets her legs bitten off by a whale". It's gotten some good buzz from the European festival circuit, but unless it gets superb word of mouth Stateside, I'll probably skip it. (Pass)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2: ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND, ALREADY! (Pass)

November 21:

Life of Pi: As with Anna Karenina, I can't decide if it's necessary to read the book before I can appreciate the movie. The description I've seen over and over is that it involves a boy trapped on a boat with a hungry tiger. How does that work exactly? Ang Lee has made some of my favorite movies, so that's promising, but I doubt this is something I have to catch while it's in the theater. (Rental)

Red Dawn: A remake of the 1984 film, but with North Korea standing in for the Soviets. I'm not very interested in it, despite the actors involved (Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson) so while it's not impossible that it may land on my Netflix queue someday, I'm letting it slip by for now. (Pass)

Rise of the Guardians: An animated movie with Alec Baldwin voicing a gruff, tattooed Santa Claus, who hangs out with badass versions of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and such. This sounds really fun, though not anything I have to see in the theater. (Rental)

Silver Linings Playbook: It has a terrible title. Bad news! It stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Good news! David O. Russell has a very spotty record with me. News that could go either way! In other words, I'll have to see how this movie lands before I make any decisions. (TBD)

November 30:

The Collection: A horror film involving kidnapped partygoers and booby-trapped hideouts. This one sets off my Gore Alarm. As well as my Not Interested Alarm. (Pass)

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning: Old Action Movie Retread: Day of Not Watching (Pass)


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