The Amazing Race

At some point, I won't be giddy with excitement over RuPaul's Drag Race anymore. All reality shows have an expiration date. Thankfully, that point hasn't come yet for this show, and I was buzzing about the crowning of the first All-Star in this short, but sweet season.

I had multiple favorites going in, telling anyone who would listen that I would be equally happy with a Manila, Latrice, Pandora, or Jujubee win. After five episodes, only one of my dream team was left, and I was rooting hard for Juju going into last night's finale. It was not to be, however, as Chad Michaels walked off with the tiara.

I'm not devastated by this result; I like Chad, even if he was never my top choice. To paraphrase someone else's succinct words on the matter, I was glad Chad won AND sad that Jujubee lost. I have so many mixed feelings!

As to the season itself, it had its good points and bad points. I'm still deciding on whether or not I liked the structure of having teams, which made for a nice, abbreviated season, but also meant the queens were eliminated in pairs. This meant that an awesome performer like Pandora Boxx could be sunk by cannon fodder like Mimi Imfurst. On the other hand, it was amazing watching competitors with wildly different styles meld into a super-combo, like Manila and Latrice.

The challenges are somewhat pointless, and usually only serve to get the queens to look or act wacky until it's time for the runway and lip sync, but it's still entirely possible to have great ones or terrible ones. The challenges of this mini-season were mostly unremarkable, but for the awful one where the girls were forced to stand in the street in hideous day drag and convince unwitting bypassers to do crazy stuff. I hate that kind of shit. A few weren't bad, though. I did like the one where the queens were told to make themselves look as sexy as their male selves. Raven's a hottie, yo. Oh, and the basketball challenge was fun, too.

In the final analysis, if you stack up the All-Star season against the regular-length ones, it may not shine quite as brightly, but as a side-project, it was grand fun. You can bet my ass will be back in front of the TV for Season 5 in January, hunty.

RuPaul's Drag Race - All-Star Season 1: B


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