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What I'm Watching: Alphas - Season 2

The big moral quandary of the X-Men series always comes down to the same questions: How much trust can humanity put in the hands of people with superpowers? Is a handful of bad apples enough to seek control of the entire superpowered population? Perhaps these questions are handled with depth and thoughtfulness in the graphic novels, but on television and in the movies, these questions are given short shrift in favor of "BOOM! Shit blows up real good!" Which is fine, but I'm often left wanting more in terms of character development.

Enter Alphas, which is essentially an answer to that prayer. Sure, the characters have super abilities, but this time, it's the powers that occupy the back burner, and it's the personal struggles to fit in with society that take center stage. The first season was excellent, and while it didn't get the buzz it deserved, it at least got renewed for a new season.

And that new season just started! Existence of the Alphas is starting to leak out to the general public, and a new threat is starting to coalesce in a gang of baddie Alphas whose intentions aren't quite known yet. Genre shows are especially prone to sophomore slumps, but I'm optimistic that Alphas has plenty of good stories still to tell.


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