A Rose By Any Other Name

Better off Ted.


Cougar Town.

All of these are eminently entertaining television (apparently - I haven't had the opportunity to see any Bunheads yet), but have a stigma attached: The Curse of the Terribly-Named Show. I didn't catch on to how good Better off Ted was until it had long since been canceled, and I didn't even attempt to watch any Cougar Town, despite hearing all kinds of glowing reviews about it.

Until now! There are always several television shows I want to catch up with hanging around my Netflix queue, and I decided it was time to give Cougar Town a shot. I usually enjoy Bill Lawrence shows, and as it turns out, this one is no exception.

Rarely is a show so determined to not be about anything. Oh sure, there are undertones of romantic relationships in the works, but in general, this show can be summed up as "Neighbors who hang around and drink a lot". That sounds like it could get obnoxious in a hurry, but the tone of Cougar Town is so sunny and light-hearted, it's hard not to like. Infidelity, midlife crises about aging, and lack of financial independence could be weighty topics, but on this show, they're all tackled with some enthusiastic chatter, a big smile, and a gigantic jug of red wine. I've been loading myself up with some pretty depressing dramas lately, and cruising through the first season of this show was just the pick-me-up I needed before plunging back into the emotional horrors of The Wire.

Cougar Town - Season 1: B


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