Blackened Tongues and the Christmas Calamity

Four Courses Podcast - Episode 12

It's absolutely incredible to me that we're coming up on an entire year since my friend Kyle and I launched the Four Courses podcast. We all know that time flies, but I expected it to fly at the speed of an airplane, not the speed of a laser beam. My obsession with food and cooking continues unabated, so if you haven't downloaded it already, here is Episode 12, submitted for your approval.

Topics include the cozy atmosphere of Elaia, the best drinks for winding down at the end of the evening, the food-related disasters that have befallen us over the years, and a spirited debate over restaurants with a policy of not accepting reservations. We close out the year by revisiting the year's food resolutions to see how well we did at keeping our promises. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to drop a line to with any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions!


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