Save the Date: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Event: Dragon Age: Inquisition release date
Date: Tuesday, November 18

For some reason, games of interest tend to take over Save the Date. It's not that there aren't movies or TV shows or books I look forward to, but video games have a strong advantage in building my enthusiasm in the days leading up to release. Today's Save the Date title has a bit of a history, being the third game in a series. It's tough to tell how it's going to land, because the first two vary so wildly in quality. Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games, and I replay it often. Dragon Age II was a disappointment (it's one of the few things I'd go back and slightly revise a grade to a lower one). So who knows where on the scale this new one will fall?

I'd like to believe that after some pretty strong blowback from the last game, the developers learned something. The few articles and videos of gameplay that I've seen make me think they have. Everything I've encountered has been gorgeous. It's rare that I'll buy a game at release; normally I wait to hear some player feedback and for the bugs to get worked out. But I might have to make an exception for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Or if not, I'll at least play through Origins for the thirtieth time until I'm assured the new game will be worth the sticker price.


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