She Shucks Shellfish by the Shoreline

Top Chef - Season 11, Episode 12

Oh, bother. We're to the traditional point of the season that it's becoming a slog, and I wish they'd just get on with the finale, already. It happens every year. I've fallen behind a bit, but will endeavor to catch up. Salivating over seafood makes it easier, and this episode is certainly one of those ones I dearly wish I could have been a diner at.

Grilled Swordfish, Shrimp, and Sweet Onion Puree with Fennel Daikon Relish

Travel back in time a couple weeks with me, and go check out Episode 12 at What'ere, Jane Eyre. You'll be forgiven for calling me afterwards and insisting we go out for swordfish. And trust me, I'm on board.


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