Rosie the Sniveler

Top Chef - Season 11, Episode 9

They say that 9 out of 10 restaurants will fail in their first year, and whether that's a myth or not, it's certainly believable after watching any episode of Restaurant Wars on Top Chef. Of course, most restaurants aren't staffed by competitors who don't have functioning kitchens. Still, ideas about how to provide capable service should be pretty standard, and not to spoil too much, but... Let's just say it wasn't the food that stood out in this episode.

Roasted Black Drum, King Trumpet Mushrooms, Oxtail, Kale, and Hibiscus Reduction

Teams are never more contentious than they are in Restaurant Wars so check out Episode 9 on What'ere, Jane Eyre, then count yourself lucky that most of your food preparation is done in blissful solitude.


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