What I'm Playing: The Sims 3

The Sims has always been an extraordinarily entertaining game, and The Sims 3 took an incredible leap forward in the scope of what your Sims could do and where they could go. No more were they homebound unless they were at an unseen job - you can send them out on the town. No more was every dish they cooked identical - each recipe now looks exactly like what it's supposed to. It's very easy to fall down a Sim hole and spend hours looking after your cyber household's needs while neglecting your real-life ones.

The one problem with this game is that it's kind of a space and graphics hog, and my ancient computer couldn't keep up with it. With the recent acquisition of a more powerful machine, though, I can busy myself around the place all I like, sending Pixellated Limecrete to do the dishes or harvest his onion plant in the front yard. In fact, why am I wasting time writing this entry? Off to bake some computerized key lime pie!


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