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Shall I compare Bryan Fuller to a summer's day? I don't think I will. Because summer is going to come out looking like a real chump. As with directors, writer/producer types don't usually stand out to me, and if they do, it's only to find them gloriously overrated. That would be J.J. Abrams' ears burning right about now.

There is only one writer/producer who has ever managed to capture my attention for good reasons, which would be notable even if he'd created a single show that entranced me. Bryan Fuller has not created that single show that bowled me over; he's created three.

He got his start after submitting a script to one of the newer Star Trek iterations, but what really caught my attention was a show that has firmly ensconced itself into my top five series of all time: Dead Like Me. By turns tragic, hilarious, and deeply thoughtful, it was an incredible show chronicling the afterlife of a young girl who dies and becomes a grim reaper, tasked with collecting souls of the dearly about-to-be-departed. It also kicked off the hallmark of a Bryan Fuller production - it was appallingly underrated and unceremoniously yanked off the air. If that had been the end, I would have been disappointed, but glad that I'd gotten one great show out of the deal.

But no! Next came Wonderfalls, a charming show about a slacker who works at a Niagara Falls gift shop, and when the tchotchkes begin to talk to her, she has to decide whether or not to listen to the ambiguous tasks they keep assigning her. I liked it, but it was the next show that really blew me away. Pushing Daisies was exactly suited to my tastes. It was funny, morbid, colorful, and a thousand other things besides, and I was totally in love with it.

Just like Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me before it, Pushing Daisies didn't last long enough. Bryan Fuller then went on to work on the first season of Heroes (aka the good one). At this point, his Hall of Fame status with me is sealed - it just seems like whatever he does, I'm sure to adore it.

He currently has two typically-strange projects in the making: A updated version of The Munsters and a show about Hannibal Lecter before he put all those nice ladies down the well. The topics don't even matter. From this point on, any show that Bryan Fuller puts on the air is one I'll be watching.


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