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What I'm Watching: Peep Show

We're getting into the summer TV season, which means I don't have to worry about keeping up with things week-to-week, and can delve into trying to catch up with a glut of shows I've missed. I had no intention of also taking on a new show, but after recommendations flowed in from multiple sources, I added the British comedy Peep Show to the Netflix Instant queue. It's a spectacularly unsentimental show, about a pair of roommates. Mark just wants to be an everyman, but can't seem to navigate any portion of his life, from his friendships to his job to his long-term crush on a coworker. No matter how well-intentioned he is, he screws up every situation, and when he tries to fix them, he inevitably makes them worse. Jeremy is an egocentric guy who can justify anything to himself. Stealing, cheating, drugs... You name it, Jeremy has a very good reason why it's okay that he can do it, even if he considers it a failing in others.

It's a funny show, but since it derives its laughs from watching these two fail at their schemes over and over again, it can get kind of bleak if I watch too many episodes in a row. It's got those short, British episode orders, so I'm already into Season 3, despite having started only a week or so ago. It's amazingly how consistent the writing is; the characters' core personalities haven't changed much at all since the very beginning. By limiting myself to a few episodes a week, I'm pretty confident I'll enjoy the series as a whole, but I'd better be careful not to overdo it, lest I wind up as depressed and inept as the characters.


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