The Pop Culture Homework Project

No matter how faithful a consumer of pop culture you are, there are going to be things that struck a chord with the public at large that simply passed you by. Perhaps you always meant to read that book, but never got around to it. Maybe you were too young to fully appreciate that movie, and never gave it a second chance.

The Pop Culture Homework Project is a way of attempting to fill some of these gaps in my cultural history. I'll no doubt find that I love some of the works in these assignments as much as everyone else did. I'll probably discover that I gave up on or skipped something for a very good reason, and will not sign off on the public's stamp of approval.

This exercise is not about tracking down hidden gems that were overlooked. This is all about finally experiencing something that most people have already gotten under their belts. Really, the biggest potential risk is that I'll wind up loving something and want to spread the word, and then be embarrassed to remember that the word has been spread for many decades. In any event, this kind of homework sure beats the pants off Calculus.


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