Return of the King

Well, this is embarrassing. I went looking for my post about the first season of the musical comedy series Galavant so I could link back to it when talking about Season 2, and I guess I just never brought it up. I can't think why, because it was a delightful show, and remains so to this day. Like another show that will appearing on this blog soon, I can't recommend it to everyone, but for those enjoy this genre, it definitely hits the sweet spot.

Galavant is the tale of a medieval hero doing the normal things a hero does in these types of story. Conquer evil, marry his lady love Madalena, etc. Trouble is, circumstances keep getting in the way. Like, oh say... an evil king kidnapping the lady love, who turns out to be more evil than even the king who kidnapped her, and a visiting princess negotiating for her parents' release from prison falls in love with Galavant and then King Richard and Galavant team up to take on Queen Madalena, who's now paired up with King Richard's crony Gareth, and... Well, there's a lot. And that's just the first season!

In the second, Galavant and King Richard have teamed up to rescue Isabella, who's been promised in marriage to her pre-teen cousin, while Madalena seeks to build on her power by learning evil magic, and Galavant's squire Sid accidentally kills him, but that can be undone, and Isabella worries Galavant doesn't love her any more, and there's a gay bar in the middle of the forest, and King Richard's friend Roberta has feelings for him, and Gareth grows a soul, and... Well, there's a lot.

The jokes are pretty spot-on, but where this show really shines is in the music, which is hilarious and catchy. There isn't really much more to say, except that if you like musical comedy, or just like to see Joshua Sasse with his shirt off (which, why wouldn't you?) then you should be watching this show. Or should have been, that is. Its second season was a surprise renewal, and so a third season is highly unlikely. The episodes are still on Hulu, though, so go catch up with them there. Even if this was a brief, fluffy little trifle in the entertainment universe, we could hardly have asked for a better one.

Galavant - Season 1: A-
Galavant - Season 2: A-


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