Song of the Summer 2014 Contender: Sing

Recommendations have been drifting in from multiple quarters! Friends! Family! Media outlets! A lot of the suggestions have been pretty fractured; there hasn't been a lot of crossover from any of my varied sources. There are one or two songs, though, that I can't escape, which is a good quality for a Song of the Summer. When you picture a summer jam, it should be something you can easily imagine hearing poolside, or blasting out of every open car window you pass on the street.

By that metric, Ed Sheeran's "Sing" is a patently obvious choice. It's everywhere! And I get the appeal. I do. Here you go (oh, and do try to ignore the silly puppet video - I'm unsure who thought this was groundbreaking):

White guy with guitar! Unthreateningly cute redhead! Effortlessly slides into falsetto! This is the type of guy that consistently wins American Idol, and it should come as no shock that he either dated Taylor Swift, or was rumored to. I can't be assed to research that. This sounds like I'm gearing up to be dismissive of "Sing", but it's fine. I don't hate it. It doesn't have me rushing to skip or mute it like a lot of other songs that shall remain "Fancy". But by the same token, I find it pretty bland. I can't picture myself rocking out to it as I cruise down the street, and once the next cycle of music arrives, I doubt I'll ever revisit it.

Sheeran is talented, but he's pretty clearly a "Cory". If I were a twelve-year-old girl, I'd have his poster plastered on my walls and be playing "Sing" on repeat. As a thirty-six-year-old dude, I need my Song of the Summer to have a little bit more meat on the bone.

Song of the Summer Odds: 10:1


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