Crown of Thorns

Top Chef - Season 11, Episode 17

Hey, remember when this show was on? My apologies for letting the finale languish for so long. I have tons of excuses, some of them even legitimate! Well, better late than never. I did want to be sure and wrap up what was a fairly strong season of Top Chef, even if its ending was such a head-scratcher. You likely already know what I mean, but if not, feel free to head over to What'ere, Jane Eyre for Episode 17.

Hamachi and Tuna With Green Apple Wasabi, Celery, and Maui-Meyer Lemon

All reality shows start to show their age after a while, and Top Chef is definitely in decline. That said, it's still an enjoyable show, made even more so when watching (and drinking!) with people who are as into food as I am. This batch of contestants was far too large, but they were talented, convivial people that were fun to watch. Mostly. The challenges were well-planned and well-executed. Mostly. The judging was fair and even-handed. Mostly. So maybe Top Chef will never blow my socks off like it once did, but as far as my television tastes go, it still holds a place on the menu.

Top Chef - Season 11: B


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