Song of the Summer 2013 Contender: "Get Lucky"

I harbor no delusions that I'm selecting the "official" song of the summer this year. I may go on about which tunes I'm getting a kick out of, but as far as society goes, it's clearly been narrowed down to "Blurred Lines", which I like, Icona Pop's "I Love It", which I hate, and this one.

Yes, it's "Get Lucky", performed by Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

I feel silly even outlining reasons this is in contention. Just listen to it! The backbeat! The breezy tone! Woe unto anyone in the next car over when this comes on, because my body instantly gives into the rhythm every time. If anything meets the textbook definition of what a summer jam is supposed to be, it's this song.

Even if the song weren't as popular as it is, I'd be into it. I've always liked Daft Punk, and really got into N*E*R*D a few years ago, so of course I like the blending of those two sounds; they work well together. "Get Lucky" may not wind up being my personal top choice of the year, but it's certainly one of America's. And though there may be a song or two that edge it out in terms of overall quality, it's top dog as far as jams go, and will always be welcome on the playlist.

Song of the Summer Odds: 3:2


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