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What I'm Watching: How I Met Your Mother - Season 7

The past week has been a difficult one in terms of Life Issues, which meant two things as far as what pop culture I felt like consuming. First, it couldn't be anything too deep, or complex, or thought-provoking. It needed to be something easy and fluffy. And second, it needed to be something to fill in the time cracks around a lot of quickly-planned events. There could be no must-be-home-on-this-day-at-this-time kind of thing. In other words, I needed a Laundry Show. And just in time, I received word that Netflix is now streaming the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother. Season 8 is currently airing on TV, but this is one of those shows I like to let build up, then shotgun several episodes in a row.

In terms of how this season is stacking up against previous ones, it's been a bit of a disappointment so far. The quirky friendships and the always-fun rules/challenges/games plots are taking a backseat to a lot of emotional development, and the scales have tipped a little too much. This is one of those programs that has always been pretty good, and a handful of episodes have even been outstanding. So far in Season 7, there has only been one glimmer of that old cleverness, and that was in an episode in which the gang realizes with horror that all of their significant others remind themselves of one of their parents.

But in terms of what I need this show to do for me right now - to provide something relatively light-hearted to make me smile for a short burst of time - it's performing admirably.


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