What I'm Watching: Bob's Burgers - Season 2

I'm generally willing to give a new television show a shot, even if it's something as blatantly terrible as Are You There, Chelsea? There are exceptions, of course (I could smell the stinking corpse of Work It months before it even premiered), but I do like to get in on the ground floor in case something winds up being tailor-made to my tastes. Bob's Burgers was one of the ones I thought I'd take a shot on, even as I find most of the newer animated shows to be pretty subpar. Thank goodness I did, because it was hilarious, and I wound up choosing it as my favorite new show of 2011.

You can bet I'm glued to my chair every Sunday evening for the current season, and judging by the few episodes that have aired already, they've got no worries of a sophomore slump. Any show that has Cyndi Lauper in to sing a parody of the Goonies soundtrack with a song called "Taffy Butt" is doing something right.


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